802.1X EAP Extensions



Directory Support

User Experience

EAP-TLS Certificate-Based Strong SAML/LDAP/MFA Servers Best
PEAP-MSCHAPV2 Credential-Based Weaker Active Directory Acceptable
TTLS-PAP Credential-Based Weakest Non-AD LDAP Servers Poor

802.1X with SecureW2

The Benefits of Network Configuration and Management Software

Reduce Support Expenditures

  • Customers reduce Wi-Fi connectivity related support tickets by 10-50% when they switch to SecureW2.

  • JoinNow can reports issues to the helpdesk, like outdated drivers, that may impede network configuration.

  • Enable certificate-based Wi-Fi, and set and forget devices for 8+ years.

Prevent Over-the-Air Credential Theft

  • When devices are misconfigured for 802.1X, they are at risk for over-the-air credential theft.

  • Our best-in-class configuration software allows end users to easily configure themselves to 802.1X networks.

  • JoinNow Connector offers powerful PKI services to enable world-class certificate-hardened network security.

A Better User Experience

  • The average college student has up to 7 internet connected devices.

  • Password change policies force users to change their password every 30-60 days on every device.

  • SecureW2 eliminates the need for password-change policies and password-related disconnects.

Having a cloud-based certificate authentication solution provided better reliability and security for our wireless infrastructure. Implementation, ease of use and onboarding is now a breeze compared to our old way of managing our users' accounts and passwords. SecureW2 support has been phenomenal and they were great to work with. We’re just very fortunate and thankful to have found SecureW2, a service solution that truly fits our needs in providing a reliable, easy to use and highly secure wireless access for our organization.

Edwin Borja


Key Features

PKI Services

  • Pair our onboarding client with our PKI (hardened with HSM) and have devices set up to authenticate with certificates for Wi-Fi, VPN, Web Applications and SSL Inspection security.

Onboarding Clients

  • Best-in-class Onboarding Clients for every operating system gets every device correctly configured for secure 802.1X Wi-Fi authentication.

Managed Device Certificate Auto-Enrollment

  • Use our advanced gateway to auto-enroll devices managed by JAMF, Airwatch, G-Suite and any other MDM. Enable AD-Domain joined devices to auto-enroll using simple GPO settings. In one fell swoop, all managed devices will be ready for certificate-driven network security.

Powerful RADIUS Server

  • JoinNow comes with a built-in, world-class RADIUS server for powerful, policy-driven 802.1X authentication. Our Managed PKI also integrates with any RADIUS server vendor, so you can leverage existing infrastructure.