Enterprise Client for Windows

2-Factor and LDAP authentication support via the world renowned 802.1X client

SecureW2 Enterprise Client offers a comprehensive set of features for customers looking for IEEE 802.1X solution to address their authentication needs. SecureW2 Enterprise client has support for a full range of Extensible Authentication protocols (EAP) and all the UI and deployment features to ensure a quick and successful deployment.Your search for a 802.1X supplicant is now over, these industry leading features can meet all your needs.

Encryption Support

  • WPA & WPA2
  • Dynamic WEP (802.1X)
  • AES – Advanced Encryption Standard
  • TKIP – Temporal Key Integrity Protocol

Business Benefits

  • Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • 1/3 the cost of Clients from Cisco & Juniper
  • Faster deployments
  • Unique Microsoft ECP certified solution
  • Proven product with millions of clients deployed worldwide


  • Enforce 802.1X identity-based network security policies
  • TLS encryption protocols
  • Disable wireless access when wired connection is in effect
  • Configuration lockdown after deployment to prevent tampering
  • Configures and enforces access policies to protect corporate resources and assets
  • Username privacy with EAP “anonymous” access, RFC 4282
  • Windows device and user authentication with flexible options for device login credentials

Dual Factor Authentication

In situations where security is key, the Enterprise client is the perfect client to support security tokens or smart cards. Compatibility with all manufacturers, including RSA SecurID

Find out more about how this works here.


  • Fast, reboot-less install on all platforms
  • Client provisioning of PEAP, TTLS and GTC profiles via XML, INF and INI options for silent and non-silent installations
  • Create MSI packages containing the XML and X.509 Certificates for installation by deployment tools such as Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SMS
  • Customizable cached or un-cached user credential support
  • Multiple profiles on a single SSID
  • Quick Connect reconnection maintaining session state avoiding multiple logins by the client during roaming
  • 3rd party user interface extensions for customized pop-up interface for your institution
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) compatibility for the Windows login environment
  • Novell environment support with machine authentication
  • Configurable log levels
  • Wireless driver detection and remediation


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